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chapter seven

The weather is becoming increasingly hot and unbearable as the dramatic tension in the novels builds. Nick, Gatsby, Jordan, Tom, and Daisy are all enjoying an afternoon at the Buchananís. Tom suddenly realizes that Gatsby has eyes for his wife. He instantly jumps into action to protect his ďpossession.ĀEThey all decide to head into the city. Gatsby and Daisy head out in Tomís car, while the others take Gatsbyís. Stopping for gas at Georgeís station, Tom discovers that George and Myrtle will be moving West in a few days. She has been pestering George to move for ten years, but he has recently discovered she was being unfaithful (though he does not realize it is with Tom), so now he is forcing her to move with him immediately. Myrtle, locked in an upstairs room by George, looks out the window and sees Tom in the car. Note that Myrtle sees Tom driving Gatsby's car, not his own. This will have tragic consequences. Tom seems to be in a panic as he realizes that he is losing both of the women in his life.

Inside of a hotel in the city, Tom and Gatsby begin to argue over Daisy. Daisy does not want to choose between them, but they insist. Gatsby not only wants her to admit her love for him, but he also wants her to confess that she never loved Tom. Gatsby wants Daisy to affirm his dream that the last five years without him did not exist. Tom verbally attacks Gatsby and he accuses him of shady business deals. Daisy who seems to be drawing away from Gatsby, breaks down. Confident that she has chosen him, Tom sends Gatsby and Daisy home in Gatsbyís car.

It now seems that Gatsbyís dream is slipping away from him. At the same time, we discover that today is Nickís thirtieth birthday. With his birthday and the coming developments, Nick will essentially grow up today. Gatsby, who is forever stuck in the past, finds himself losing his grip on the one thing that had carried him through the past years.

Gatsby and Daisy drive past George's shop, with Daisy at the wheel. Myrtle runs out in front of the car, thinking it is Toms, and is instantly killed. Daisy does not stop the car. When the others come upon the scene of the accident. Tom cries, and Jordan appears unaffected. This event seems to change Nick dramatically. Myrtleís death is the final straw in the carelessness shown by the other characters. Nick can no longer stand back and refuse to make judgements.

Nick refuses an invitation inside the Buchananís home. He simply wishes to return home. He comes across Gatsby hiding in the Buchanan's bushes. Gatsby is keeping a vigil outside of Daisyís home. He wants to make sure she is okay. Gatsby is more concerned with Daisyís well being then that of the woman they killed. Even though Daisy has seemingly turned her back on him, Gatsby remains faithful to his dream.