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chapter five

The day arrives for Daisy to come to Nicks house for tea. Gatsby nervously awaits her arrival, and Nick accurately remarks that he is acting like a little boy. Gatsby possesses the sense of faith and wonder towards Daisy that is born only of innocence and youthful idealism. Daisy arrives and she and Gatsby are reunited. The first moments are a bit tense. Nick leaves them alone for half an hour, and upon his return he finds Gatsby positively glowing, and Daisy teary-eyed.

Gatsby proudly presents his house to Daisy. Nick remarks that Gatsby must re-evaluate everything in the house as to how Daisy reacts to it. This statement is true, and showcases us the difference between Gatsby and the other wealthy characters in the story. Everything that Gatsby owns has been attained for the sole purpose of fulfilling his dream. This separates him from the materialistic society that he lives in. Daisy is suitably impressed with the house and all of Gatsbys possessions. Overwhelmed by it all, she collapses and sobs into his mound of expensive shirts. Theyre such beautiful shirts,Eshe sobs. It makes me sad because Ive never seen such beautiful shirts before.E

Gatsby tells Daisy about how he has watched the green light on her dock from his property.